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About Me

Hi!  I'm Charlotte, and welcome to my store Trending Dry Wine Boutique!  I am a wife, mom, and like you, I love all things wine - especially the wine itself!  While I am not here to sell you wine, I AM hoping to offer the best selection and prices in "wine things" - you know what I'm talking themed decor, jewelry, drinkware, gadgetry & novelty items.  Whether you are shopping for yourself or the wine lover in your life, you are sure to find the perfect item or gift here!

You know what else I love??  My pajamas and comfy clothes.  THAT'S why I decided to open this boutique online - so you can shop from the comfort of your own home, while sipping your wine, and have your items delivered right to your doorstep!

Oh!  I almost more thing that I love.  I also love FREE shipping.  Who else gets frustrated after finding the PERFECT items at the PERFECT price only to get sticker shock on the shipping costs??  I've had to abandon online shopping carts over this - those times when I just could not justify the crazy cost of shipping on top of what I'd already budgeted to spend.  THAT is why here at Trending Dry, we ALWAYS offer FREE SHIPPING to orders shipping to addresses in the United States!!  

This is me, doing what I love - traveling & visiting local wineries in the places we visit:



Our Store's Mission is dedicated to bringing you affordable wine themed items such as: gifts, home decor, collector items, gadgetry, and so much more!  We aim to bring you these items at the lowest possible price (and without the sticker shock of shipping tacked on to your order at checkout). 

There are so many cute wine themed items out there, but they tend to be kind of expensive.  Why pay top dollar when you don't have to?  WHY?  Don't.  Shop with us instead!  We are working tirelessly to bring you the best items, sourced as smartly as possible, so we can offer it to you at the lowest possible price. 

Let me be up front with you though - some items will have longer lead times than you might expect, or perhaps like - unfortunately, sometimes, that is the trade-off.  We can get you great items at a lower cost if you are willing to wait just a little bit longer to receive it.  We know.  You are excited about what you've ordered, we are excited too!  But what if you are able to buy more for your money just by waiting a little longer?  Sit back and enjoy some wine while you wait! 


Where Did the Name Come From?

One evening on a date night (aka - a peaceful evening away from our Preschooler) my husband and I decided to go to a brand new wine bar & restaurant that had recently opened.  This new place occupies the space of another restaurant we'd loved that unfortunately had closed.  They had completely renovated the inside of the building, it was nearly unrecognizable from how we had always known it.  This new place is posh.  Very fancy.  We were a little uncomfortable and felt slightly out of our element, but decided to stay and give it a try anyway.  Like we often do, we decided to sit in the bar area and order an array of appetizers to go with our wine.  About halfway through our glasses of wine, we were talking about the infamous topic of "wine snobbery" and what that means - is it a "real thing??"  We were discussing how oftentimes this idea of "wine snobbery" is the expectation that your "wine maturity" advances as you drink drier wines.  Maybe this is true, maybe it isn't.  I certainly don't know.  In my mind as long as you are being a responsible adult, there is no right or wrong way to like or choose wine.  Drink what you like.  Pair it with any food you like.  You do you.   

All of this started swirling around in my mind along with the buzzwords of social media and marketing.  Specifically the idea of "trending" on social media stood out to me - just like the perception that every wine drinker's quest should be for dryness, everyone's presence online is supposed to be seeking that "trending" status, right??  Or is it?  My mind spun these two thoughts together and I immediately grabbed my phone, and searched to see if the domain was available.  It was.  In what may have been in more of a satirical move based these silly perceived notions of "what we are supposed to be trying to achieve" I acquired it.  Right then and there.  I'm not even sure hubby realized what was happening.  After I completed the transaction, I filled him in on what I'd just done.  I remember saying to him "trending for the social media aspect and dry for the 'wine snobbery' aspect seems like a domain that should have been taken already. It wasn't.  Now it is taken.  Because I just got it.  Someone may want it someday, and I am not sure what I plan to do with it yet, but it is MINE."  I'm not sure if he looked impressed, confused, or horrified.  Many months then passed.  I had no intention of utilizing this domain until I came up with "just the right thing"  it had to be perfect.  Then it hit me.  I needed to find a way to open an online boutique  for all things wine themed that was accessible to people with all budgets of all sizes.  

PS - We are not wine snobs here (regardless of how you may define that) - our motto is simple: 

        "Life is short, drink ANY wine that you LIKE"


Thank You

We know the retail market is fiercely competitive.  We know you have TONS of other options for shopping.  That's why we work tirelessly to bring you the best products for the lowest prices we can and we are 100% dedicated to customer satisfaction.  We appreciate you.  We care about your shopping experience here.  We want it to be a good one.  It matters to us.  It matters a great deal to us.  We cannot say it sincerely enough, THANK YOU for choosing - if you ever have any questions, concerns, or issues please do not hesitate to contact me.  You can reach me directly by either going to our contact page and completing the contact form, or by e-mailing me at: